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REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast
Real Estate Investment (REI) Jewels of Wisdom
Category: Investing
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by REI Diamonds
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October 18, 2018 05:07 AM PDT

Scott & I Discuss

  • Regulatory Risk of Airbnb
  • Selecting the Properties with Best Location
  • Does High End Reno Pay More?
  • Which Amenities Make More Successful Properties?


Analyzing the Data from More than 4 Million Properties

After listing his own apartment in Santa Monica, California on Airbnb and discovering the potential of the short term vacation rental market, Scott began amassing a portfolio of units.  At around a dozen, he realized that there are likely good and bad markets for this product and began compiling data to figure out where the best markets were located.  This led Scott to build Airdna, the world’s largest source of data available for short term vacation rentals.  


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October 10, 2018 01:55 AM PDT

Paul & I Discuss

  • Slowdown Happening Across the U.S. in Housing
  • Rental Trends in Phila, Chicago, Atlanta, & Miami
  • Storm Clouds on the Horizon in Self Storage
  • Trend Which Might Cause Depreciation in Real Estate


About the Quarterly Market Update Episodes

The Quarterly Market Update with Paul Sloate is a Regular Quarterly Episode highlighting the current events and conditions happening in the country and the world as they relate to real estate investing.  The Quarterly Market Update is brought to you by expert economist Paul Sloate, Founder of Green Drake Advisors-a wealth management firm located in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  Paul has been a regular guest on the show for the last 3 years and continues to bring valuable and unique insight to the world of residential real estate. 


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More Info About Paul Sloate at:

Green Drake Advisors



October 05, 2018 01:14 AM PDT

Matt & I Discuss

  • How to Raise Millions of Dollars in Private Money
  • Changing Your Mindset to Level Up to Larger Deals
  • Capital Structure of a Multi Family Deal
  • How Much to Offer Investors to Fund Your Deal


Moving Up from Flipping Houses to Flipping Multi-Family

Matt started out buying a duplex outside of Philadelphia with a $30,000 private loan.  He has since built an empire including a portfolio of rental houses, a house flipping division, and most recently a multi-family value add division buying and stabilizing properties throughout the U.S.   He has a cutting edge method of raising capital allowing him to quickly commit and fund millions of dollars in just a few weeks. 


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September 26, 2018 10:23 PM PDT

Ryan & I Discuss

  • The WRONG Deal to Try and Use Hard Money
  • How to Fund that first Deal (it IS the hardest deal)
  • Sources of Deals
  • Guiding You through the First Few Deals

From Flipping Houses to Funding YOUR Flips!!

Ryan is a longtime real estate investor who had been named the "Real Estate Rookie of the Year" and "Best In State" in Utah by the time that he was 22. After becoming an investor, he soon found that it was difficult to obtain funding for his investments quickly, let alone from reputable lenders. With that in mind, he founded Do Hard Money, a hard money company that offers safe, reliable funding to investors via peer to peer lending. 


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Resources Mentioned in the Episode:


September 14, 2018 01:07 AM PDT

Matt & I Discuss

  • Assembling a $100 Million Dollar Portfolio
  • Commercial Development
  • Orange County Beach Front New Construction
  • Up & Coming U.S. Real Estate Markets


DealMaker Society

Best known as the leader of the controversial, secret real estate club, “DealMaker Society,” Matt Skinner is a DealMaking expert, apartment investing expert, real estate magnate, and the host of the live TV show, MattSkinner.TV. He’s founded multiple successful companies, although most famously Empire West Investments and DealMaker Enterprises. Over the years, he’s share his penchant for real estate, real estate investment, and business as a university lecturer (most recently Harvard University) and lead multiple real estate investment groups throughout the United States.

Matt says, “I’m all about teaching people to reach their full potential through real estate. Real estate has been a passion of mine for about 20 years now and it’s allowed me to do things and live a life I never thought was possible. I’ve also come to realize that it can give ANYONE the leverage to BE anyone they wanted to be, DO anything they ever wanted to do and HAVE anything they want by using real estate as their vehicle, regardless of their level of passion. I’m about helping other unlock that potential that they’ve yet to realize they have and break their believes that you have to have money to make money, be educated/smart, or have a license to make money in real estate.”

Matt is the host of the Alt Investments Podcast which features experts in Real Estate, Crypto Currency, Gold & Silver, Start Ups, and Technology. He is also an expert speaker on topics concerning apartment building investing, sales and sales motivation, and identifying undervalued properties.


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September 06, 2018 07:38 AM PDT

Dan & I Discuss

  • Step 1 in Scaling an Off Market Deal Investor Business
  • Huge “AH-HA” moment for me and Diamond Equity Investments
  • The Power in Automated Follow Up Systems
  • Best Ways to Follow Up with Sellers in 2018


From Wholesaler to Software Developer

Dan Schwartz began his career in the Baltimore, Maryland region.  A newly minted marketing major, he sought out a partner with real estate knowledge and together they grew a volume wholesaling operations which eventually led to his next venture:  Founding Investorfuse.  Investorfuse is one of the leading CRM, or Customer Relationship Management systems available in the real estate investor marketplace. 


Dan has a passion for helping the overwhelmed real estate entrepreneur work smarter and earn more by setting up effective systems. After launching InvestorFuse, a lead management workspace for real estate investing, he’s helped bring the power of automation to hundreds of happy investors and has built a strong community around the technology. When not working or investing, you’ll find Dan traveling, drumming, or helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


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August 30, 2018 09:42 PM PDT

John & I Discuss

  • System for Approaching the RIGHT Bank for Your Loan
  • Where to Get Financing-Even When Banks Aren’t Lending (2009)
  • John’s Favorite Deal Turns $300K into $3 Million
  • How to Develop Land WITHOUT Building a Single Structure


Commercial Developer & Financing Oracle

John is the managing member of J. Healy Development, LLC. The company specializes in developing new projects into sustainable properties. John has been in the property development business for 26 years, and has been involved in transactions for developing, permitting, and/or financing of completed projects totalling over $50 million. Through J. Healy, John focuses on making multifamily, mixed-use, storage, and other commercial development properties more green and sustainable, lessening a property’s footprint while increasing its value.


John Matheson is also the CEO of Commercial Loan Success, a so­ftware and education platform designed to help small business owners and property investors make more informed financing decisions. Using the Commercial Loan Success loan analysis so­ftware platform, commercial borrowers and commercial lenders are able to communicate more e‑effectively, and borrowers are able to approach commercial lenders more confidently, already knowing that their transactions are lendable. Through Commercial Loan Success, John hopes to provide the resources and educational materials that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors can use to confidently obtain financing and grow their businesses profitably, all without being at the mercy of the predatory lenders.


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Resources Mentioned in the Episode:



August 24, 2018 08:36 AM PDT

Russell & I Discuss

  • Going from $35,000/Month negative to $45,000 Positive Cash Flow
  • Airbnb + Fix & Flip Deals=Way More Profit
  • Variable Pricing Resource for Airbnb like Hotel Software
  • How to Select Airbnb Properties that Work Long Term


$45,000 Per Month Positive Cash flow in Less than 12 Months

Russell Walker has been in the real estate business since 2008 and has built a high-volume wholesaling, fix & flip, and rental operation.  Then he found a way to get his fix & flip deals (more than 20 at the time “for sale&rdquowinking to produce cash flow while awaiting a buyer by using Airbnb.  Suddenly, he found himself collecting $45,000 per month AFTER expenses on a portfolio of fix & flip homes that were previously COSTING $35,000 per month.  Additionally, he no longer lowers prices on flips-he’s making so much money while they’re on the market that he doesn’t care if they ever sell!! Ready to check out the details?


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Resources Mentioned in the Episode:





August 17, 2018 04:56 PM PDT

Chris & I Discuss
• Developing Loyalty & Better Pricing with Trades/Contractors
• $600,000 Profit on a Recent Deal
• Delivering between 6-10 Houses Per Day to Retail Buyers
• Good Leadership=Good Team
Building 10,000 Houses Across the U.S.
Chris Prefontaine is a bestselling author and real estate investor with over
26 years of experience in the field, including 18 years as a builder, realtor,
broker/owner and investor.. He’s always been an entrepreneur even when
he didn’t know it. When he used to drag his wagon up to the street corner
and sell junk from his closet or when he used to purchase gum by the pack
and sell by the slice in middle school.
In 1991, Chris began building homes and built 100 homes before starting
his own brokerage. He then become a broker/owner and was selling 100
homes a year with his small team. Since the 2008 debacle he realized he
needed to reinvent his business so that he no longer had to use his own
money or credit.
Aer years of coaching independently, Chris founded Smart Real Estate
Coach in 2014. The company coaches investors on how to scale & automate
their business throughout the US and Canada- all without using their cash
or credit. Chris and his team, which includes his kids, have done over $80
million in real estate transactions. They mentor, coach, consult and have
Associates around the country doing exactly what they do. On top of that,
they run their own buying and selling business so they’re in the trenches
every single week. Between their existing Associates around the Country
and their own deals, they’re still doing 5-10 properties every month and
control as of now between $20 million -$25 million of real estate with little
to no money down
“I learned much about home design from my dad who was an architect, which helped me develop a passion for the business. I began my career as a Senior Project Manager at Ahmanson Developments in the 1980s and provided financing to major developers, locally and nationally. I evaluated business practices, observed winners and losers, and achieved an insider’s perspective regarding real estate management. I served as Vice President of Cambridge Homes where I helped develop new products, managed marketing and sales, and increased profits and grew annual sales making Cambridge the largest builder in Chicago. My experience also includes serving as President of Westfield Homes, quickly turning the company’s operating losses into profits. I joined with Buz Hoffman in the late 1990s as Executive Vice President of Lakewood Homes. Benefiting from a career involving experience within all aspects of the industry, I participated in Lakewood’s growth as it became a top Chicago-area builder with annual closings beyond 1,700 units and profits higher than industry averages.”

August 09, 2018 01:26 AM PDT

Michael & I Discuss

  • How to Select Markets with High Probability of Profitability
  • 9 Marketing Strategies for Generating Off Market Deals
  • Finding Operating Partners in Distant Markets
  • Using Text Campaigns to Attract and Qualify Deals


Buying 1,000 Houses Across the U.S.

Michael Quarles is an accomplished real estate broker, contractor and expert specializing in residential real estate. Michael bought his first property before age 20 and has contracted thousands of deals since then. As an active and current investor understands what it takes to be successful in today’s market. Michael is well known for YellowLetters.com, the largest marketing company for real estate investors, 1800Sell4Cash, BSFF Academy, where he teaches real estate investing, and the creator of Wholetailing. Effectively turning the industry into a hands off virtual and systemized business. Michael was at the forefront of buying real estate nationwide on a large scale. A popular podcast personality, Michael has been on or hosted over 250 podcasts. He lives in Central California with his beautiful bride, four boys, a wonderful MIL he calls mom, and a family member who is a retired Catholic priest. His life has been blessed from the love of dirt and it is his passion to create abundance and prosperity in those who desire greatness.


Relevant Episodes: (There are 111 Content Packed Interviews in Total)


Resources Mentioned in the Episode:



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